Social Media for Business

It’s rare for a business not to be on any form of Social Media as they have become the 'go to' platforms to provide networking opportunities for all types of businesses. However, you really need to choose wisely which platforms you are going to use or they will soon become monsters you need to feed. consider the following;

  • Which platform are my target customers using?
  • Are you targeting Businesses or Consumers?
  • What content do you have, and which platform suits it best?
  • Am I able to keep a presence going?

Below are tips on how to use social media for business and how social media marketing can help support your business goals and raise awareness about your brand and products or services.

Why Use Social Media for Business

  • Simplicity and speed: easy-to-use interfaces mean your presence can be up and running in minutes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: a social media page can be developed for little or no cost.
  • Built-in base of members: social networks are a place to reach and engage existing and potential customers.

If your business already has a website, you can use your social media channels as marketing tools to amplify your company brand, message and content in order to drive visitors back to your main website.

The best way to get your customers’ attention and drive user interaction is to deliver frequent, high-quality and compelling content on your website and social presence, or with a blog post that targets your audience. Here are a few tips:

Have a Social Media Management plan

Know what you want your content to do for your business. Are you looking for leads or brand awareness? Your plan will help you see the path ahead, and more importantly, allow you to measure success or failure.

Define your Social Media audience

Know who they are, what they know, and — more importantly — what they don’t. This can help you form your content.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Paid advertising relies upon a variety of targeting mechanisms including keywords to put your ads into the paid advertising or “promoted ad” section on social networks where your customers and prospects spend time. Display ads may also appear on the sides of the users’ pages and as they are integrated seamlessly into the user’s experience, they don’t generally feel like typical obtrusive ads. Paid advertising can be an effective strategy and many social platforms have budget-friendly options.

Placing ads on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can work with any budget, and ad campaigns can easily be set up with just a credit card. You can also target your audience using age, gender, location and interests, among other demographics. Consider including images in your ad. Ads with images are more attention getting, leading to more clicks, shares, likes, and re-tweets. YouTube offers a variety of advertising options, in some cases charging fees only if users actually watch your videos.

Depending on your business you may use one or more of the above to increase awareness of your business. If you'd like to find out more, Contact Chris Court for a chat.