Search Engine Optimisation Services

Our SEO services make sure your website meets or exceeds all the search engine optimisation best practice guidelines both technically, visually and from a content perspective. We perform technical SEO as well as SEO copy writing; whilst your site may reflect you, your company and your ethos, writing for SEO can be a more complex and involved process.

We make it simple by working with you to understand where you want to compete. We analyse your site and benchmark where you are today, and look at how we can improve the site across a range of metrics, as well as analysing your competitors to make sure we are surpassing their standing as much as possible.

All our SEO projects are carried out with a plan, a purpose and a goal, and those should closely match with your business goals. Your SEO strategy requires

A well rounded SEO Strategy must consider all aspects of how your presence will be formed, from your website and landing pages , to social media, email marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

How I can help you

  • Perform a strategic review of your existing presence in terms of SEO design, imagery, technical functions, messaging and content.
  • Help you understand the impact of the current status, how this can be resolved where needed, and how to tie in other aspects such as Social Media, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Landing Pages and Email Marketing.
  • Create an SEO strategy to take your presence forward in a consistent manner.
  • Give guidance on how you could make more out of being online, and capture customers at point of visit