Increasing Traffic to your Website

Getting more traffic to your website often isn't just about numbers, but making sure the the right traffic is coming to your site. By the right traffic, I mean traffic that is your target audience. Traffic that is right for your products and services, traffic that is going to convert into paying customers. 

Targeting is key to getting the right traffic to your site, and there are differing strategies depending on you position and needs;

Email Marketing

If you have a list of customers, however small, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of communicating you message. If you don't have a list, think about how you can start to generate one through your website. Do you offer a newsletter sign up, or perhaps a free download or offer? Give these away at the price of the visitor entering their email address. Make sure your message always drive people to your website to 'find out more'. 

Online Advertising

There is a cost with and online advertising, but it's quick and gives you the ability to target people searching for your products and services, and send the to your website. You can get your advertisement in-front of them just at the right time. Social Advertising also gives you the tools to closely match customers based on geography and a host of demographics, behaviors and interests.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is really important and is a primary driver of traffic to your website, but the good news is that by understanding the basics, being consistent and having a well structured, thought through website site that focuses on the user experience, you can achieve some great results by yourself. There are a lot more aspects to SEO that this, but you can really help yourself with Search Engine Optimisation.

Social Media

Depending on your target audience, Social Media can be a great way to promote your product and services, and bring people to your website. Always have a plan and think ahead. Ad-hoc updates and interaction are essential, but always have a underlying plan of what you will be posting, where, the message and how it will serve a purpose in terms of bringing people to your website

Depending on your business you may use one or more of the above to increase traffic to your website, and its always important that these are used together rather than in isolation. If you'd like to find out more, Contact Chris Court for a chat.